Senior Campaigner, US-focused

July 22, 2014

If you've got ideas for how to take on multinational corporations with a few thousand dollars, a Twitter account and a gorilla suit; if you want to figure out how we can leverage huge amounts of data to empower our members to change the world; if you’ve read Lean StartUp and have a natural MVP mindset; if you’ve ever created a piece of content that’s “gone viral”; if you want a chance to be part of something world-changing from the beginning – you could be the perfect candidate.

Email Writing Consultant

July 22, 2014

SumOfUs is looking to hire 1-4 Email Writing Consultants for anywhere from 10-40 hours a week of work, based anywhere in the world, who are happy to write lots of content really fast around a wide range of campaigns and can whip out a basic petition email draft on a straightforward issue in less than an hour. Deadline to apply is Sunday, August 3rd.
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