We are SumOfUs: a global team of 30 campaigners, technologists, media-fanatics, data-geeks, and strategists. Join us!

Our team

Right now, we’re looking for a number of fantastic people to join our team. Read the position descriptions below for more detail. If you’re excited about joining us, but you’re not sure if you meet the criteria for a particular position then please do go ahead and apply for one of the Senior Campaigner/Campaigner positions. For any jobs-related questions, please email jobs@sumofus.org.

All of our roles offer competitive compensation and significant benefits, including the ability to work from home or a co-working space, flexibility to set your own hours, five weeks vacation time per year, additional paid-sick leave, paid parental leave, private health insurance in the US, opportunities to travel internationally (our global team meets in person twice per year–the photo above is from our most recent in-person meeting!), and many professional development opportunities.

Senior Campaigner/Campaigner (UK)

August 11, 2015

SumOfUs is hiring Campaigners and Senior Campaigners to drive our work holding corporations around the world accountable. If you’ve got an itch to tell the story of corporate power run amok; if you’ve got ideas about how to take on multinational corporations with a few thousand pounds and a gorilla suit; if you’re hungry to experiment with new technology to create and scale campaigns for the 21st century, then this is the role for you. Applications close on Friday, September 4th.

Lead Campaign Strategist (Online Fundraising)

August 11, 2015

SumOfUs is hiring a digital campaigner with a passion for online fundraising to help lead our global fundraising efforts. You’ll help us find great ways to keep getting our millions of supporters to fund our campaigns work, write and test fundraising appeals, build out our recurring donor program, and think about how we can use technology and testing to make our fundraising better. You’ll also work with our campaigns team to run great campaigns. Applications close on Friday, September 4th.

Campaign Director (UK)

August 11, 2015

SumOfUs is hiring a Campaign Director in the UK to help lead our digital campaigning. If you know how to coordinate a digital campaign with your eyes closed; if you find yourself identifying and strategising on rapid-response opportunities even before your morning coffee; if you’re bursting with new ideas for mobilising massive numbers of people to fight corporate power, then this is the role for you. Applications close on Friday, September 4th.
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