Who We Are

SumOfUs.org is a global movement of consumers, investors, and workers all around the world, standing together to hold corporations accountable for their actions and forge a new, sustainable and just path for our global economy. It’s not going to be fast or easy. But if enough of us come together, we can make a real difference.

Tate Hausman, Board President —  Tate Hausman is the Managing Director of the Analyst Institute, an innovation lab that develops new tools and strategies for progressives. He was formerly the Director of Management at MoveOn.org, where he ran experimental voter contact programs that helped progressives rack up victories in 2012. Tate has directed a number of other national political operations, such as Vote Today Ohio, a voter mobilization effort that helped swing Ohio to Barack Obama; and Slam Bush, a hip-hop voter registration drive in 2004. He has worked for two Congressional campaigns, one gubernatorial, and multiple state, municipal and issue campaigns.

Keith Goodman, Board Secretary —  Keith founded the Repower at Home program at the Alliance for Climate Protection, developed and managed the acclaimed online Neighbor- to-Neighbor program for the 2008 Obama campaign, and developed cutting-edge analytics products for the AFL-CIO 2004 political program.

Deepa Gupta, Board Member — Deepa founded Jhatkaa.org, a new campaigning organisation committed to building grassroots citizen power across India, and has previously led the Indian Youth Climate Network, where she worked with young people in India and across the world to take action on climate change.

Carys Afoko, Communications Director — Carys is SumOfUs’ first Communications Director, working with the team to use media and social media to maximise the impact of our work. She has worked in communications for eight years across the private and non-profit sectors. Carys started out in corporate communications, managing the reputation of companies like Universal Music, Eurostar and BlackBerry. She left to become Head of Communications at the New Economics Foundation, raising the profile of campaigns on banking reform, sustainability and economic justice. Before joining the team she was working for Shadow Civil Society Minister and MP for Wigan Lisa Nandy. Carys is the author of Framing the Economy, which looks at the communications and framing of austerity in the UK.

Nabil Berbour, Campaigner — Nabil has a Master degree in European studies and urban policies, and an MBA in CSR management. As a visiting research fellow at Brown, he studied community organizing & strategic communication. Nabil was indeed one of the organizers of the French Stop Police Profiling campaign. In 2011, he joined the cabinet of a green MEP – Pascal Canfin – at the European parliament. As an MEP assistant, Nabil participated to the launching of Finance Watch. Following the appointment of Pascal Canfin as the French minister for development, Nabil joined his staff as his Digital communication advisor until his resignation in 2014. In his spare time, he loves traveling, reading and playing with his little boy. He’d love to exercise more sport but never achieve the necessary level of motivation to do so.

Glen Berman, Chief of Staff — Glen is SumOfUs’ Chief of Staff, and currently serves as our Interim Executive Director, working with our senior leadership team to define our organisational strategy and identify new opportunities for our members to take empowering actions in the fight against expanding corporate power. Glen was first drawn to activism as a student at Monash University where he helped lead and grow Australia’s largest youth-run aid and development organisation, Oaktree. He left Oaktree to join the Australian Youth Climate Coalition, working to mobilise young people across the country in support of Australia’s first ever carbon price. Before joining the SumOfUs team, Glen helped found Australian Progress, a non-profit focused on building the advocacy capacity of Australia’s civil society organisations.

China Brotsky, Director of Operations and Finance — China spent over 20 years at Tides as CFO, Senior Vice-President, and Managing Director. She is a serial entrepreneur and founded online donation provider Groundspring.org (now Network for Good), the Thoreau Centers for Sustainability in NY and SF and a bi-national peer-learning network – The Nonprofit Centers Network. China has a deep personal commitment to environmental and social justice as well as corporate accountability. She also uses her skills in finance and operations on the Board of Directors of Global Greengrants Fund UK, the ACLU of Northern California and CorpWatch.

Nicole Carty, Senior Campaigner — Nicole Carty comes to SumOfUs from The Other 98% where she served as Programming Director. While at The Other 98%, Nicole developed her skills as a facilitator, trainer, campaigner, action-planner and media spokes-person. Nicole is also a founding member of the Crown Heights Tenant Union, an organization uniting new and old residents of Crown Heights together to fight gentrification. She is a radical, sociology major, and venerated organizer of parties.

John Curry, Finance Manager — John joined SumOfUs with more than fifteen years experience in finance, operations and management. He spent a decade managing the food systems for one of the US’s largest food banks before becoming an independent management and operations consultant for non-profit organizations. He has an MBA from UC Berkeley and lives in South Lake Tahoe, California where he enjoys going up and down mountains and spending time in, on and near the region’s many lakes.

Neal Donnelly, Software Developer — Neal is a software developer from Northampton, Massachusetts. He studied computer science at Princeton University, where he pursued student advocacy in education and incarceration policy. After working for startups in San Francisco and New York, Neal moved to his current home in Managua, Nicaragua, where he enjoys salsa dancing and exploring the surrounding country.

Eoin Dubsky, Campaign Manager — Eoin joins SumOfUs after working eight years at Greenpeace International as an online campaigner and various things like that. He began campaigning on peace, environment, and social justice issues as a student in Ireland, where he also met his wife. They later moved to her native France, and now live in the Netherlands where their two sons were born. Cooking, cycling and reading are some of Eoin’s favourite pastimes when away from the internet. He loves internet things too.

Paul Ferris, Campaign Director — Paul is an Australian currently living in New York. At SumOfUs, he’s a Campaigner Director who also doubles as a product manager. Before joining SumOfUs, he worked for international campaigning group Avaaz.org, consulted on corporate campaign strategy, and was involved in youth climate organizing. Other than the US and Australia, he’s also lived for significant periods in the UK, Sweden, the Netherlands and Thailand. He’s not bad at long-distance cycling, and definitely not good at cross country skiing, although considers both enjoyable.

Sondhya Gupta, Senior Campaigner— Before joining SumOfUs, Sondhya worked on environmental campaigns at Greenpeace UK and anti-racism at Runnymede Trust. She began her campaigning career as a volunteer at 38 Degrees after achieving an MA in Contemporary History and Politics. Although she has always been deeply interested in social change and politics, this is not what Sondhya has always done for a living. For the first decade of her working life she was a veterinarian, so brings a variety of skills and life experience to her current role. She is based in London and enjoys sharing home baking with co-workers.

Tara Harwood, Manager of Analytics & Data Science — Tara has over fifteen years experience managing technology, finance, and operations for progressive non-profits.  She is passionate about developing information systems that are both operationally efficient and information-rich; she often tells people that this is much more interesting than it probably sounds.  Past employers include Citizen Engagement Laboratory, Wikimedia Foundation, the Community Clinic Consortium, and the ACLU of Northern California.

Anne Isakowitsch, Campaigner — Anne is a based in Berlin, Germany. Before SumOfUs Anne worked at Crisis Action and campaigned for the protection of civilians in conflict with a focus on Syria and Russia. Anne is currently setting up Campaign Bootcamp in Germany, a training programme for a new generation of campaigners. In her spare time she plays the drums in a surf/punk/pop band.

Jon Lloyd, Fundraising & Campaign Director — Jon comes to SumOfUs with a background in fundraising and online campaigning that he gained working for some of Canada and New Zealand’s largest and most respected nonprofits, including Amnesty International. When he’s not taking a stand against corporate injustice, Jon plays guitar, eats tasty food, or is planning his next trip to somewhere new.

Liz McDowell, Campaign Director — Liz is based in Vancouver, Canada and comes to SumOfUs from Conversations for Responsible Economic Development, where she was the founding Executive Director. She’s a seasoned entrepreneur with deep experience in climate and energy organizing, and a varied background as a fundraiser, piano teacher, facilitator, strategist, dancing dinosaur, finance student and, for the two longest weeks of her life, telemarketer.

Tuuli Pöllänen, Software Developer — With a postgraduate psychology degree and some studies in computer science, Tuuli falls into the intersection of empirical psychology, statistics, digital media and information technology. She is passionate about the open source movement, open knowledge, net neutrality, and about promoting technical literacy, which is why she has volunteered as a mentor at programming workshops for kids and as a community manager at an open source and IT organization in Ljubljana. Having spent the last seven years in Slovenia, Tuuli is originally from Helsinki, Finland, Tuuli is currently living in San Francisco. On her free time she enjoys working on projects related to web-based behavioral sciences and playing video games.

Toni Preston, Campaigner— Toni is a campaigner residing in Brooklyn, New York. Prior to joining SumOfUs, Toni was a union representative for hotel workers in New York City. During her downtime, she enjoys playing tennis and watching Netflix documentaries.

Emma Pullman, Lead Campaign Strategist –Emma is a campaigner with experience working with a number of Canadian environmental and advocacy organizations. Prior to SumOfUs, she worked with Canadian online advocacy group Leadnow.ca. Emma is a published writer and investigative journalist, and you can find her work in the Toronto Star, Canada.com, Huffington Post and others. When she’s not holding corporations accountable, she loves to ride her bike and bake.

Ivan Rosales, Senior Finance Associate — Ivan was born in Mexico and grew up in California. After college, he moved to New York to study Bioethics at NYU. He is interested in healthcare access issues and dislikes corporations that make medicines unaffordable. In his spare time he enjoys going on long runs.

Fatah Sadaoui, Campaigner— Fatah Sadaoui recently graduated with a Master’s in Urban Planning and Critical Urban Theory he did in both France (Université Paris 8) and the United States (CUNY Hunter College). For the past three years, Fatah’s academic and activist work has focused on the intersection of urban governance, social justice and arts. From helping immigrant families in his hometown to standing to corporations and fighting gentrification in New York’s Chinatown, Fatah has been a tireless grassroots advocate. Since 2011, Fatah has been a member of the Collectif Contre le Contrôle au Faciès, an organization fighting the French police’s racist practices. Passionate about the arts, Fatah is a photographer and a multi-instrumentalist In his spare time, he enjoys cooking, running, and third-person writing.

Simona Sadzevičiūtė, Data Analyst— Bringing in 7 years of analytical and project management experience from the market research sector, Simona is happy to finally use her skills for a larger purpose. She is passionate about data as much as about social and environmental change and believes that data driven decisions can make a stronger positive impact. Mostly based in Vilnius, Lithuania, in her spare time she loves wandering the roads less travelled, observing the world through her camera lens, crafting colorful earrings or getting her tongue around some new language.

Omar Sahyoun, Software Developer— Omar’s an experienced and passionate software developer, with a long-standing interest in social justice issues. He’s delighted to be using his programming skills for good. A graduate in Biology, he presently lives in London, where he makes a weekly pilgrimage to Kew Botanical Gardens. Omar loves rock climbing, and says he might be good at it in a parallel universe.

Ledys Sanjuan, Campaigner— Ledys is an anti-racist feminist campaigner based in Bogota, Colombia. She has campaigned for free education, immigration reform and against racism and sexism in the UK and Colombia. Ledys has a passion for race and gender justice in the context of the international political economy and she combines activism with academic research and writing. When not organising a group or a demonstration Ledys is cooking and knitting in an effort not to make her life all about social justice.

Wiebke Schröder, Senior Campaigner— Wiebke is a political activist who works on a wide range of political issues such as social and political exclusion, sexism and free education. Her background includes conducting seminars on behalf of the German Trade Union ver.di as well as for independent youth organizations. As an educator Wiebke loves to bring in ideas from her studies in Philosophy and Political Science. Alongside fighting for progressive change, Wiebke enjoys self-defense sport and singing at her home base in Berlin.

Reem Suleiman, Campaigner— Reem is joining SumOfUs from the National Security and Civil Rights program at Advancing Justice-Asian Law Caucus in San Francisco, CA. While at the Caucus, Reem worked to defend the civil liberties of Arab Middle Eastern Muslim and South Asian (AMEMSA) communities in a post-9/11 environment. In her free time, Reem enjoys baking and spending time with her pseudo-Siamese cat.

Hanna Thomas, Campaign Manager — Before joining SumOfUs, Hanna chased UN conferences around the world as part of the youth climate movement, founded the East London Green Jobs Alliance, was Co-Director at The Otesha Project UK, got an MSc in Climate Change & Policy, and worked on crowdfunded solar energy campaigns for 10:10. She is also an experienced trainer in anti-oppression and environmental justice. When she’s not at her laptop, Hanna likes biking, baking, taking photos, and practising yoga. She is based in London.

Katherine Tu, Senior Campaigner — Katherine is an Australian residing in London. She is a campaigner and climate advocate, and has extensive experience in organising for the Australian Youth Climate Coalition as the NSW State Coordinator. Katherine previously also has been a Field Organiser on the 2013 Australian Federal Election Campaign, and has written many successful fundraising scripts at Persuasive Conversations, Australia’s first progressive fundraising call centre. She spends her spare time longing for Aussie beaches.

Sarah Weintraub, Executive Programs Coordinator— Sarah has been managing projects and people, in Latin America and the U.S., for over ten years. She led an international accompaniment team in Colombia, directed a Buddhist social engagement organization based in California, and currently lives in a small community in the wilderness of rural Oregon. Sarah enjoys cooking, herding sheep, and carpentry.

Angus Wong, Lead Digital Strategist— Angus was a consultant at a firm specializing in Corporate Social Responsibility prior to joining SumOfUs.  He has international development and research experience in India, Micronesia, and Latin America.  Angus has a degree in Development Economics and Community Planning.  In his spare time, he rides his bikes to various social engagements in Vancouver.

The Advisory Board


    • Jeremy Heimans, CEO & Co-founder, Purpose Campaigns; Co- founder of GetUp.org.au, Avaaz.org and AllOut.org
    • Nick Moraitis, Executive Director, Australian Progress
    • Brett Soloman, Executive Director, AccessNow.org; former ED, GetUp,org.au


    • Graziela Tanaka, Brazil Campaign Director, Change.org


    • Jamie Biggar, Executive Director, LeadNow
    • Ben Powless, Defenders of the Land Coalition


    • Filip Gregor, Board Member, European Coalition for Corporate Justice; Lawyer at the Environmental Law Service (Czech Republic)
    • Paula Hannemann, Campaigns Director for Germany, Change.org
    • Paul Hilder, Vice President of Global Campaigns, Change.org
    • Alice Jay, Campaign Director, Avaaz.org (Spain)
    • Julius van de Laar, Campaign Strategist, www.juliusvandelaar.com (Germany)
    • John Wood, Campaigns and New Media Officer at the Trades Union Congress (UK)


    • Deepa Gupta, Founder, Jhatkaa.org


    • Rathana Chea, Mobilization Director, Greenpeace Southeast Asia


    • Nanjira Sambuli, Research Lead, iHub Nairobi

South Africa

    • Kumi Naidoo, Executive Director of Greenpeace International


    • Simon Billenness, Corporate Campaign & Socially Responsible Investing Consultant
    • Ben Brandzel, Founder, Online Progressive Engagement Network
    • Charlene Carruthers, Director of Online Engagement, National People’s Action
    • Aimée Castenell, Senior Campaign Manager, Color of Change
    • John Cavanagh, Director, Institute for Policy Studies
    • Chuck Collins, Senior Scholar, Institute for the Common Good
    • Richard Graves, VP of Business Development, Ethical Electric
    • Sara Haghdoosti, Executive Director, Berim
    • Randall Hayes, Founder, Rainforest Action Network
    • Ilyse Hogue, President, NARAL Pro-Choice America
    • Michael Huttner, Founder & CEO, ProgressNow
    • Mike Lux, Co-founder & CEO, Progressive Strategies
    • Michael Marx, Senior Campaign Director, Beyond Oil Campaign, Sierra Club
    • Marianne Manilov, Co-Founder & Executive Director, Engage Network
    • Bill McKibben, Co-founder, 350.org
    • Eli Pariser, President of the Board, MoveOn.org
    • Ari Rabin-Havt, Executive Vice President, Media Matters
    • James Rucker, Founder, ColorOfChange.org
    • Betsy Taylor, President, Breakthrough Strategies and Solutions

SumOfUs.org is a 501c(4) non-profit incorporated in Washington, DC, with a 501c(3) fiscal sponsorship arrangement through the Tides Foundation.

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