Earlier this month, Mitt Romney gave a speech with dozens of soot-stained coal miners behind him — an attempt to show his backing by the working class. One problem: Miners say they were forced to attend Romney’s rally, without pay, by their bosses at Murray Energy. In the bizarre words of the coal company’s chief operating officer Robert Moore, “Attendance was mandatory but no one was forced to attend the event.”

Murray has a horrendous safety record, culminating in a 2007 mine collapse that killed nine — and now it has taken a day’s wages from employees in order to back a candidate vowing to strip government oversight of their bosses and undermine those workers’ very safety on the job.

Tell Murray Energy to pay workers for their mandatory Romney rally.

Murray Energy workers are able to be bossed around in part because they work at a non-union mine, in an industry that has been vigorously undermining workers’ rights for years. By standing together, we can help these workers use their voice, and fight back against employee abuses by political zealots.