Hello ladies,

Look at your man. Now back to this email. Now back to your man. Now back to this email. Fortunately, your man isn’t me. But if he switched to Old Spice High Endurance deodorant he could have levels of the chemical triclosan in his body just like me.

Triple lutz!

Ugh! These feats of strength have been a lot more difficult since repeated use of Old Spice. Triclosan has been linked to reduced muscle strength, and a pronounced weakening of heart cells, so I can’t engage in all the activities I used to love.

So ladies, does your man smell like an Old Spice man? If so, you should get him to call on Old Spice to remove the toxic chemical triclosin from its deodorant. I’m no longer able to ride horses.

Don’t let your man end up like me. Tell Old Spice and other manufacturers: Remove triclosan from your products.

Recent research has found that triclosan is linked to severe health effects, impairing muscle function in animals and humans, including weakening both grip strength and heart function — which is why I can’t stop dropping this tube of deodorant.

Triclosan has been a boon to marketers, as its use in “anti-bacterial” products has skyrocketed. But people like me (and you!) may be feeling the effects, since the chemical has begun showing up in our plasma, urine and breast milk. Triclosan isn’t needed in any product, and does not even remove significantly more germs than regular soap and water. Many companies market safe, effective, triclosan-free deodorant. Help me get Old Spice to do the same and take triclosan out of its products for good.