Bank of America Petition

Below is a list of all the current signers of the petition calling for Bank of America to cease donating to any political campaigns.

Name City State Country
Roberta B.United Kingdom
Fabienne M.Australia
Sarah W.Australia
Claire P.United Kingdom
Scott F.Cottage GroveMNUnited States
David T.United Kingdom
Sean B.United Kingdom
Polly C.Los AngelesCAUnited States
Tully W.Australia
Chelsea M.Canada
Ava C.PortlandORUnited States
Nick B.New Zealand
Karen H.LawleyALUnited States
Terry G.LawtonOKUnited States
Lucas M.AstoriaNYUnited States
Iris N.Netherlands
Kristina F.LawrenceMAUnited States
Jessica S.Australia
Amber B.NewvillePAUnited States
Ashley G.BuffaloNYUnited States
Kyle S.Australia
Alan S.Canada
Victoria P.NapaCAUnited States
Michael R.NullTXUnited States
Ana G.LondonUnited Kingdom
Jeff H.Lake VillaILUnited States
Lorissa C.Saint PaulMNUnited States
Michael H.InksterMIUnited States
Paul R.Canada
Fateha H.Canada
Franziska O.Germany
Alexander C.NullMIUnited States
Adam R.Fort WorthTXUnited States
David S.NullFLUnited States
Jonah F.BrooklynNYUnited States
Gerald M.BrooklynNYUnited States
Pam M.NullTNUnited States
Stephan S.Germany
Joel A.Pollock PinesCAUnited States
Max G.RentonWAUnited States
Irene U.Las CrucesNMUnited States
William W.EdinburghUnited Kingdom
Patricia M.SacramentoCAUnited States
Akshay M.SaratogaCAUnited States
Wyatt H.BrookvillePAUnited States
Lynsie S.Canada
Hany A.NullCanada
Martin K.Canada
Jose T.DenverCOUnited States
Cindy B.BethesdaMDUnited States
Marcella C.MunsterINUnited States
Olivier Z.Switzerland
Coco C.Wheat RidgeCOUnited States
Christopher D.BurlingtonVTUnited States
Sebastian J.Switzerland
Jessica A.OttawaCanada
Jeffrey C.PalmettoFLUnited States
Francesca K.Switzerland
Fernando A.AgawamMAUnited States
Luisa L.Colombia
Amanda S.New Zealand
Carlan W.United Kingdom
Jo S.CamdenMEUnited States
Chasity C.HoustonTXUnited States
William B.Cape CoralFLUnited States
Anglena I.United Kingdom
Harry W.United Kingdom
Kevin U.AshevilleNCUnited States
Ryu H.NullAustralia
Darla A.NullARUnited States
Steffen B.Germany
Linda L.MonroeNCUnited States
Shelley B.NullUnited Kingdom
Lawrence D.SeattleWAUnited States
E A.HurricaneWVUnited States
Denise W.DunsmuirCAUnited States
Pete W.BrisbaneAustralia
Joshua S.BarboursvilleWVUnited States
Rebecca B.RockdaleTXUnited States
Victoria P.ChicagoILCanada
Charlie B.JcKSUnited States
Laurie H.HephzibahGAUnited States
Natalie H.MankatoMNUnited States
Joshua S.PensacolaFLUnited States
Sue W.WilmingtonNCUnited States
Michael S.Oklahoma CityOKUnited States
Shana S.Tarpon SpringsFLUnited States
Fred T.NullILUnited States
Anita D.SeattleWAUnited States
David W.NullCanada
Jonathan H.West HollywoodCAUnited States
Philip A.NullAustralia
Michelle N.NullCanada
Maggie L.NullWAUnited States
Nicole B.NullNVUnited States
Aden S.WashingtonDCUnited States
Deb G.NullNCUnited States
Virginia A.KennardNEUnited States
Sydney T.GreenvilleTXUnited States
Nick C.Arlington HeightsILUnited States
Frida S.AlexandriaVAUnited States
L G.NatickMAUnited States
Kevin G.NullGAUnited States
Bryan M.WellandCanada
Gary M.HooksettNHUnited States
Colin B.NanangoAustralia
Eli G.NullNYUnited States
Micah B.Southwest HarborMEUnited States
Martha D.AliquippaPAUnited States
L N.West BloomfieldMIUnited States
Jon N.New YorkNYUnited States
Luke D.TrowbridgeUnited Kingdom
Walter C.QuincyMAUnited States
Laurie G.FallonNVUnited States
Heather N.NullCanada
Antonio R.MiamiFLUnited States
Brian S.DoverPAUnited States
Karl K.MinneapolisMNUnited States
Diane M.BrentwoodCAUnited States
Sharon E.Canada
Jason R.BeavertonORUnited States
Andrew R.BelleroseNYUnited States
Tammie G.NullCanada
Amanda H.ChicagoILUnited States
David C.IndioCAUnited States
Jan-paul A.Cherry HillNJUnited States
Giselle G.SpringfieldILUnited States
Dawn D.NullMDUnited States
Salena G.WestlandMIUnited States
Audrey A.NullCanada
Dave W.BethesdaMDUnited States
Thalberstam@yahoocom H.NullUnited States
Brandon C.HampsteadMDUnited States
Simon B.TruroUnited Kingdom
Brandon S.JacksonvilleFLUnited States
Jason V.West BendWIUnited States
Bill N.NullNJUnited States
Raf C.Dana PointCAUnited States
Liza M.PortlandORUnited States
David J.Little FallsNJUnited States
Pam A.CentraliaILUnited States
Travers I.Long BeachCAUnited States
Randall K.NullUnited States
David H.Port TownsendWAUnited States
Wesley L.HonoluluHIUnited States
Marie M.BoiseIDUnited States
Craig S.SebastopolCAUnited States
Mauricio C.NullChile
Joyce M.BakersfieldCAUnited States
Arthur R.NullUnited Kingdom
Klaus H.NullGermany
Charles L.NorwalkCTUnited States
Henry R.Los AngelesCAUnited States
Al W.NullAustralia
Jillian M.NullCanada
Mark D.Tinley ParkILUnited States
Russell P.NorthfieldMNUnited States
Mathieu T.NullSweden
Deanna S.Glenwood SpringsCOUnited States
Sharon W.PortlandORUnited States
Edward K.WestonMAUnited States
Dana F.SevernMDUnited States
Brian D.NullUnited Kingdom
Benjamin W.AllenTXUnited States
Nick P.NullUnited Kingdom
Wayde Z.EnfieldCTUnited States
Gina A.Gold CanyonAZUnited States
Pat B.PhiladelphiaPAUnited States
Jill J.Tiny OnCanada
Bruce H.IndianapolisINUnited States
Mara S.NullCanada
Ryan H.NullCanada
Joel M.NullCAUnited States
Andrew P.WillimanticCTUnited States
Justin W.PetalumaCAUnited States
David P.GreentownINUnited States
Rich F.Jersey ShorePAUnited States
Michelle L.ScottsdaleAZUnited States
Alfred B.NashuaNHUnited States
Gregory F.NullFrance
Julie D.NullCanada
Charlie N.CharlotteNCUnited States
Hacem S.PasadenaCAUnited States
Brendan K.CambridgeMAUnited States
Olaf D.Netherlands
Corey C.NullCanada
Paulianne B.Port OrfordORUnited States
Rachel C.BirminghamALUnited States
Hugo L.ChicagoILUnited States
Darren A.NullAustralia
Mark T.NullNYUnited States
Lexis H.HillsdaleNJUnited States
Dolores P.FranklinINUnited States
Patricia V.Mexico
Victor M.Staten IslandNYUnited States
Wendy D.NullNYUnited States
Boneva M.HoustonTXUnited States
Genevieve P.NullUnited States
Lollitta University PkILUnited States
Trina T.San MateoCAUnited States
Catherine G.Oak ViewCAUnited States
Travis E.NullAustralia
Micheal O.RivertonUTUnited States
Eve F.MorgantownWVUnited States
Mark F.EasthamptonMAUnited States
Elisabeth B.St. PöltenAustria
Bethany S.State CollegePAUnited States
Emily C.NullPAUnited States
Marisa H.NovatoCAUnited States
Michele S.RingoesNJUnited States
Kate G.PhiladelphiaPAUnited States
Lucas B.NullDCColombia
Jose G.Santa AnaCAUnited States
Pauline T.BloomingdaleILUnited States
Annie J.NullAustralia
Pero M.ZadarHonduras
Samuel K.LafayetteCOUnited States
Gerard D.Locust ValleyNYUnited States
Kenzie M.CarmelINUnited States
Gloria M.FayetteMSUnited States
Frank S.HoveSpain
Elizabeth W.MassillonOHUnited States
Ted H.AndersonINUnited States
Belisa C.Austria
Victoria Z.NullNJUnited States
Jonathan C.Basking RidgeNJUnited States
Kristen B.Ann ArborMIUnited States
William K.ClarkstonMIUnited States
Elizabeth H.Ascot ValeAustralia
Daniel S.BoulderCOUnited States
Laurence H.MarbleheadMAUnited States
Antonio B.Portugal
Linda C.SeattleWAUnited States
Marline B.SarasotaFLUnited States
Jeanne And Vern L.WestlakeOHUnited States
William N.United States
Michelle B.WoodinvilleWAUnited States
Gail H.NullCAUnited States
Rafael U.MillersvillePAUnited States
John R.KyleTXUnited States
Ron M.San JoseCAUnited States
Susan S.BrevardNCUnited States
Chris H.SchaumburgILUnited States
Tj S.VerbankNYUnited States
Ann R.GladstoneORUnited States
Jocelyn M.NullAustralia
Rae Z.United States
Jeff W.OcalaFLUnited States
Judith M.BerkeleyCAUnited States
Debra L.Fort BraggCAUnited States
Cynthia S.KaysvilleUTUnited States
Linda F.NullCOUnited States
Stephanie K.NullMDUnited States
Liberty B.Santa FeNMUnited States
Alan Y.RoseburgORUnited States
Lisa H.WaukeshaWIUnited States
Michael G.Fort WorthTXUnited States
Sonya G.SpringfieldVADenmark
Marie D.Chapel HillNCUnited States
Shon A.NullUnited States
Michael H.NullDenmark
Running B.Twain HarteCAUnited States
Sierra N.Fort GarlandCOUnited States
Helen S.WashingtonDCUnited States
Carisse A.Farmers BranchTXUnited States
John K.SonoraCAUnited States
Elaine L.MorganvilleNJUnited States
Patricia W.Eagle RiverAKUnited States
Arthur P.Tinley ParkILUnited States
Donald G.GreenfieldINUnited States
Daphne H.NullNCUnited States
Carole H.GreenwoodINUnited States
Caroline T.NullNYUnited States
E. Christopher O.ChicagoILUnited States
Mary B.AlbuquerqueNMUnited States
Sonia G.NullAustralia
Judy W.Granite Shoals,TXUnited States
Mary G.WhittierCAUnited States
Mica K.AtascaderoCAUnited States
Harold R.BrunswickMEUnited States
Jared H.LansingMIUnited States
Robin K.CornvilleAZUnited States
Gregory E.Lake WalesFLUnited States
Sarah B.NullAustralia
Madhu P.SalemNHAustralia
Dan R.Canada
Mathias M.NullUnited Kingdom
Wei S.SingaporeSingapore
John R.NullCanada
Jim R.SanfordFLUnited States
Sue J.DorchesterMAAustralia
Fred K.NullNetherlands
Adam L.NullUnited Kingdom
Alexandra P.BethlehemPAUnited States
D H.BaltimoreMDUnited States
Kathryn A.SunnyvaleCAUnited States
William S.MiddleburgVAUnited States
Gemma B.PahoaHIUnited States
Richard S.TorontoSDUnited States
Jennifer H.NullORUnited States
Jonathan P.BinghamtonNYUnited States
Kirsty K.SydneyAustralia
Herbert K.GlendaleCAUnited States
Cheri C.ArlingtonWAUnited States
Oscar R.CliffsideNCSpain
Alex L.TorontoCanada
Jacqueline M.Upper MarlboroMDUnited States
Chris W.EnglewoodCOUnited States
Tim W.MadisonWIUnited States
Jasmina C.Santa RosaCAUnited States
C C.Boynton BeachFLUnited States
Elizabeth H.MuncieINUnited States
Dave R.Sault Sainte MarieMIUnited States
James M.Grand Jct.COUnited States
Sandra F.CantonGAUnited States
Wichal R.NullNetherlands
Caryn O.MadisonWIUnited States
Sheri T.OrleansCanada
Kathleen T.TavernierFLUnited States
Sarah N.NullTXUnited States
Robert M.DallasTXUnited States
Vanessa O.NullAustralia
Vj J.NullAustralia
M K.LexingtonKYUnited States
Aryeh F.San FranciscoCAUnited States
Tanya K.NullJordan
Sue V.NullCOUnited States
Jean C.NullUnited States
Robert B.LittletonCOUnited States
Steven M.DraperUTUnited States
Bsanders@westgaedu S.TempleGAUnited States
Lynn S.Beaver DamWIUnited States
Lucas K.New HavenCTHong Kong
Evelyn C.WaynesvilleNCUnited States
Thomas L.NullEcuador
Laura D.HuntingtonWVUnited States
Suzette R.SebastopolCAUnited States
Jesús N.NullMexico
Claudio M.Winter ParkFLUnited States
Kristin B.Green BayWIUnited States
Constance H.QuincyMAUnited States
Valarie B.BaltimoreMDUnited States
Gail T.SunnysideNYUnited States
Tan H.San JoseCAUnited States
Vincent Y.UplandCAUnited States
Holger T.LouisvilleKYGermany
Amy E.RichmondTXUnited States
Marion P.Canyon CountryCAUnited States
Wanda B.NullMNUnited States
Garret M.NullNYUnited States
Amanda B.Las VegasNVUnited States
Jone C.GoshenNYUnited States
Frank W.Australia
Carolyn Z.TuscaloosaALUnited States
Lynne F.Eden PrairieMNUnited States
Nancy S.MediaPAUnited States
Margarita R.Cherry HillNJUnited States
Kimball F.NullCanada
Justin P.San Luis ObispoCAUnited States
Linda H.NullNYUnited States
Kl E.PsCAUnited States
John G.FairfieldCAUnited States
Katherine W.HarpswellMEUnited States
Al G.AustinTXUnited States
Michael B.NullSweden
Karen H.SeattleWAUnited States
Rene M.White PlainsNYUnited States
Tabatha P.SpokaneWAUnited States
Linda S.Saint JohnsFLUnited States
Daily D.West Palm BeachFLUnited States
Patricia J.Cedar ParkTXUnited States
Esther E.VancouverWAUnited States
Kevin B.NaplesFLUnited States
Michelle L.New YorkNYUnited States
Rich C.VancouverWAUnited States
Adair HillsboroORUnited States
Hazel I.NullHIUnited States
Michael K.NullTXUnited States
Shannon N.NullORUnited States
Corbin M.BethesdaMDUnited States
Jonathan T.MiddleburyVTUnited States
Majed S.WilmingtonDEUnited States
Bill M.Cedar ParkTXUnited States
Marty O.San FranciscoCAUnited States
Eddie S.BreaCAUnited States
Tamsin K.NullAustralia
Maureen H.Canada
Naveed B.TrentonNJUnited States
Joy L.UniondaleNYUnited States
Ruth L.North HollywoodCAUnited States
Marilyn H.MilpitasCAUnited States
Sherman And Denise N.OaklandCAUnited States
S J.FairfaxVAUnited States
Cheryl S.NullUnited States
Lance M.Jersey CityNJUnited States
Suzanne U.NullCTUnited States
Sofie F.NullCanada
Rocky B.BelmontCAUnited States
Dale P.RockfordMIUnited States
Freddie S.PeterheadUnited Kingdom
Patrice W.Saint LouisMOUnited States
Burris M.MiamiFLUnited States
Frederick S.NullUnited States
Jennie S.HamptonVAUnited States
Dan L.BostonMAUnited States
Sheila B.NullMEUnited States
Linda S.EugeneORUnited States
Vicki H.RoseburgORCanada
Edward V.NullWAUnited States
Dave W.NullAustralia
Patrick S.FishersvilleVAUnited States
Zachary O.NullPAUnited States
Bonnie G.GrantMIUnited States
Giles S.New YorkNYUnited States
Wilbur S.NullSouth Africa
Benjamin F.Switzerland
Chevrot C.NullFrance
Philip R.SmithvilleMOUnited States
John W.Santa RosaCAUnited States
Mary N.San FranciscoCAUnited States
Gerhard E.StocktonCAUnited States
Ann H.East LansingMIUnited States
Mark C.West OrangeNJUnited States
Laura M.PortlandORUnited States
D C.BoiseIDUnited States
Raija V.NullFinland
Shaun L.HersheyPAUnited States
Momar J.NullUnited Kingdom
Dagny L.New YorkNYUnited States
Momar J.NullUnited Kingdom
Ann G.ReadingPAUnited States
Wendy W.NullWAUnited States
Melissa M.NullILUnited States
Paula T.Saint CloudMNUnited States
Jane C.BisbeeAZUnited States
John B.SebastopolCAUnited States
Ron W.GoletaCAUnited States
Anjel B.SnellvilleGAUnited States
Angela S.NullCAUnited States
Connie M.MerrillvilleINUnited States
Katia S.MurfreesboroTNItaly
Eric M.NullCanada
Barry E.Bryn MawrPAUnited States
David J.ShrewsburyNJUnited States
John F.Ann ArborMIUnited States
Scott W.BrentwoodTNUnited States
Robert H.NullTNUnited States
Sheilah F.NullCAUnited States
Jeannette B.DallasTXUnited States
Vasilyvasily K.NullUkraine
Xenia G.PittsburghPAUnited States
Katrina L.MononaWIUnited States
Glyn D.NullUnited States
Rebecca G.AlbuquerqueNMUnited States
Kevin A.Redondo BeachCAUnited States
Monica P.WinthropWAUnited States
Janis H.NullWAUnited States
James B.San AnselmoCAUnited States
Kim H.ChicagoILUnited States
Martha R.Canada
Michael M.NewberrySCUnited States
Richard G.OaklandCAUnited States
Wendy F.NullSCUnited States
John W.NullUnited States
Jeff M.AstoriaNYUnited States
Jeannie R.MeadWAUnited States
Leslie B.MaplewoodMNUnited States
Carmen H.New YorkNYUnited States
Darwin K.Fort WashingtonMDUnited States
John M.DenverCOUnited States
Catherine B.SeattleWAUnited States
Patty Z.YucaipaCAUnited States
Catherine B.NullUnited States
Carina C.Clinton TownshipMIUnited States
Katherine F.DetroitMIUnited States
Kathleen K.SomervilleMAUnited States
Suzanne Z.Huntington StationNYUnited States
Terri G.NeenahWIUnited States
Jessi B.NullNMUnited States
Christine F.NullTXUnited States
Pamela H.SykesvilleMDUnited States
Kevin C.Islip TerraceNYUnited States
Rebekah S.YpsilanitMIUnited States
Teresa G.ViennaWVUnited States
Karen M.RockwoodMIUnited States
Alan D.LeicesterNCUnited States
Rachel H.TorontoCanada
Grace N.AlamedaCAUnited States
Clifford P.New YorkNYUnited States
Krishesh S.Los AngelesCAUnited States
Stephen A.BrooklynNYUnited States
John S.New AlbanyINUnited States
Wayne G.VancouverCanada
Fran G.LakewoodWAUnited States
Rose Z.BowieMDUnited States
Alicia O.NullCanada
Dennis K.AnchorageAKUnited States
Maria H.DecaturGAUnited States
Migue G.Canoga ParkCAUnited States
Carole J.NullNJUnited States
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    The petition reads:
    Bank of America -- Listen to your shareholders and stop spending money on super PACs, campaign contributions and other means of buying elections.