After Delivering 250,000 Petitions, SumOfUs Calls on Apple to Follow Through on Promises on Workplace Standards

February 13, 2012

Consumer Watchdog Group Responds to Apple’s Partnership with Fair Labor Association

“Apple consumers want real action to improve workers’ lives, not more spin”

Washington, DC—This morning Apple announced more details of its partnership with the Fair Labor Association. The announcement came just a few days after consumer advocacy groups and delivered over a quarter of a million petition signatures calling on Apple to address abysmal working conditions in its supply chain in time to produce an ethical iPhone 5.

“This new announcement shows the pressure is getting to Apple — more than a quarter million people have joined our call for an ethical iPhone 5 and Apple is clearly worried about its brand,” said Taren Stinebrickner-Kauffman, Executive Director of  “But instead of actually solving the problem, they’re trying to whitewash it. The FLA is a business-funded group with a long track record of serving as a corporate mouthpiece, not an effective advocate for workers. Apple consumers want real action to improve workers’ lives, not more spin. We’re not going to be satisfied until the workers who make our iPhones have safe and healthy working conditions.”


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