Walmart Workers Launch Effort To Unseat Rob Walton As Chair

May 27, 2014 | Forbes Magazine

Walmart has a new CEO in Doug McMillon, a one-time warehouse worker who took over the top job this year. Is it time for a new chairman, too? A... more

Why Don’t Pharmacy Groups Condemn Lethal Injection Role?

May 19, 2014 | Forbes Magazine

Professional pharmacy organizations and their membership view the profession differently from those of medicinenursingpublic health, and emergency medical technicians and paramedics. Medicine and the other allied health professions... more

Google shareholders take aim at firm’s global tax practices

May 14, 2014 | WBP Online

A group of Google shareholders on Wednesday asked the internet giant’s board to establish principles that address the impact of its tax strategies on global society, taking aim at a... more

Over 100 Protest Google’s Shareholder Meeting In Mountain View

May 14, 2014 | CBC News

A run of multi-national corporate mergers including Pfizer’s takeover of AstraZeneca and a shareholder petition to be presented to the Google annual meeting Wednesday are set to refocus attention on... more

Op-Ed: Shareholders push Google to pay $2 billion in taxes

May 14, 2014 | Digital Journal

At Google’s annual shareholder meeting in Mountain View hundreds of thousands of consumers around the world are joining with Google shareholders in a resolution urging the corporation to pay more... more

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