SumOfUs releases hundreds of troubling Canadian patronage appointments

Over 350 of Canada’s most influential government appointments were all given to Conservative Party donors.

SumOfUs 3 month report back (July – September)

It’s been a ground-breaking three months for SumOfUs. Powered by the efforts of our millions of members around the world, together... more

PepsiCo announces new palm oil policy (watch video)

At last! After more than a year of campaigning, Doritos, and its parent company PepsiCo just came out with a new... more

Tell Shkreli to fully reverse the price increase now, and stop exploiting the sick.

A 32-year old hedge fund manager just purchased the rights to an essential medication used by cancer and HIV patients. His... more

Could Malcolm Turnbull help stop Abbot Point?

Digging up the Great Barrier Reef seabed to build the world’s second largest coal port — that’s what our government is... more

KPMG has been caught red handed helping its wealthy clients dodge taxes

Join us in calling on KPMG to stop stalling and hand over the tax haven data to the Canada Revenue Agency... more

Monsanto’s Roundup is likely to cause cancer, so why is Amazon still selling it?

Join us in calling on Amazon to stop stocking Roundup & other toxic herbicides.

Trade Union Bill: Have your say

The government is pushing ahead with the biggest attack on our rights at work in 30 years. It’s asking for comments... more

Tell Craigslist CEO Jim Buckmaster we want a Craigslist ivory policy with teeth, not tusks.

Craigslist is complicit in a global network of winks and nudges working together to illegally sell ivory.

“This is the stupidest, short-sighted, most criminal use of water I can imagine.”

Nestlé is after another Canadian’s town’s water. Tell the Ontario Government to ban corporate water permits until the township can produce... more

Abbott and Brandis: changing the law to suit their Big Coal buddies

Hot on the heels of our historic victory over the Carmichael coal mega mine, Prime Minister Tony Abbott is trying to... more

Shell wouldn’t have to cap an oil spill for 21 days? Outrageous.

The Canadian government just gave Shell permission to drill for oil off Nova Scotia’s cost — and the company doesn’t... more