McDeforestation is driving the Sumatran tiger to extinction

McDonald’s is using unsustainable palm oil, and it’s not good news for the Sumatran tiger or Borneo pygmy elephant:... more

Murdoch’s Courier Mail misreported. Grossly.

A few days ago, a young woman, Mayang Prasetyo, was tragically killed by her partner in Brisbane. But instead... more

The EPA can save the world’s largest wild sockeye salmon run

The world’s largest wild sockeye salmon run is in grave danger. We have just 96 hours to strike the final... more

OceanaGold is suing El Salvador for protecting its water against toxic mines

With just one week remaining before the hearing begins, we need to get OceanaGold to back down now.

The Sun: Ditch the “Page 3 girl” raffle prize

The British newspaper is offering a date with a woman as prize for a raffle? Really?

Dole: speak out for human rights defender Andy Hall

On Tuesday, Andy Hall is facing 8 years in prison and a $10m fine just for exposing multiple human and labour rights... more

GoFundMe: Stop raising money for Michael Brown’s killer

GoFundMe, the world’s #1 personal fundraising site, is raising money for the cop who brutally shot and killed 18-year-old Michael Brown. And... more

5 million members!

Something HUGE just happened: The SumOfUs community just reached a whopping five million people, and people are sending us their messages... more

Tim Hortons: your doughnuts are delicious, destroying the Sumatran forest isn’t!

A piping hot double double and a bag of Timbits has got most of us through school exams, 5am hockey practice,... more

Exxon: Stop trying to frack in Germany!

ExxonMobil is lobbying the German government start fracking in Germany.

Fox News: Fire news anchor for insensitive comments to Robin Williams’ death

While fans around the world mourn the tragic death of Robin Williams, Fox News has come out and called the comic... more

This is what Canadian tar sands giant Suncor is really doing.

Suncor is spending millions on a high profile public relations blitz to convince Canadians it cares about the environment.