Fund fracking with taxpayers’ money? No fracking way!

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Help us change Monsanto from the inside!

And the award for Most Evil Company of the Year, based on your votes, goes to… **drumroll**… Monsanto!

This award is... more

World Leaders: Release the TPP and TTIP draft texts immediately!

World leaders are working alongside major corporations to pass two major trade deals that will put our democracy, food safety, Internet... more

CVS: stop plundering the unspoiled waters of the Antarctic

Pharmacy giant CVS is marketing and selling Antarctic krill oil as a health supplement — vacuuming krill in vast quantities from the... more

Mall of America: back off the prosecution of peaceful carolers mourning the tragic deaths of black youth

Any day now, a group of young people of color, including me, will be served criminal charges for inviting our... more

Obama, veto the Keystone Pipeline and reject the proposal once and for all!

We knew this moment might come. The United States Congress is on the verge of approving the Keystone XL Pipeline. Sources... more

Campbell Newman: don’t destroy Indigenous land for frackers

Energy giant Santos just struck a deal with Premier Campbell Newman to allow fracking through Queensland’s Channel Country. This territory has... more

KFC: time to adopt a comprehensive, deforestation-free palm oil policy.

KFC says it has absolutely no idea where its palm oil comes from — and it’s putting that palm oil into... more

Chevron: Pay what you owe to Amazonian communities

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40,000 Maasai nomads are being kicked off their ancestral land by a luxury safari company.

International pressure forced Tanzania to put this shocking corporate land-grab on hold before, now let’s make them cancel the deal for... more

The U.S. government just failed to pass the KXL pipeline, but we aren’t in the clear yet…

We’re safe — for now. The U.S. Senate has just rejected the controversial Keystone XL pipeline.

Luxembourg is helping big companies to avoid tax.

Some of the world’s biggest companies, from Dyson to FedEx and from Burberry to Amazon — they’ve all secured secret sweetheart tax... more