Send Big Tobacco a message in Canada

Plain packaging works. That’s why we need to make it law in Canada. It’s time to make it happen!

Mylan just hiked the price on life-saving EpiPens

EpiPens have saved the lives of countless children all over the world. But the pharma corporation that owns it has deliberately... more

Demand Walmart donate its excess produce!

A scathing report just released shows that half of all the food produced in the U.S. goes to waste — and... more

INEOS: Don’t frack the UK

Petrochemical giant INEOS wants to flood the UK with fracking wells.

INEOS: Don’t frack Scotland

Petrochemical giant INEOS wants to flood Scotland with fracking wells.

Our new Shadow Trade Minister needs to reject the TPP.

Jason Clare has just been appointed the new Shadow Trade Minister.

Let’s tell Minister Clare to reject the TPP as he... more

Crystal Pepsi’s back. But what about a good palm oil policy?

All eyes will be on PepsiCo this week as Crystal Pepsi hits shelves in the US — a clear cola that... more

Don’t hand the government’s discrimination helpline over to G4S

This is unbelievable. The government is handing over the running of its discrimination helpline to G4S.

Energy Minister Simon Bridges: Stop the solar tax!

The Electricity Authority just empowered electricity companies to penalise households using solar energy in New Zealand.

A tax on solar energy... more

This company is profiting off the blood of low income Canadians.

A private company wants to harvest blood plasma from people in Canada, selling it at a massive markup on the international... more

Stop Nestlé from sucking Ontario dry!

Nestlé is gunning for more of our water — 3.6 million litres a day to be exact  — from its Aberfoyle... more