Pizza Hut is contributing to the destruction of the Indonesian Rainforest

Bad news for pizza lovers — turns out Pizza Hut is still linked to rainforest destruction.¬†Last month you helped convince Yum!... more

In the US House, just a few votes could determine whether the TPP sinks or swims.

On Tuesday, the super-secret negotiations for the disastrous trade deal known as the Trans-Pacific Partnership, or TPP, were rocked by a... more

Monsanto and Syngenta: The most dangerous mega-merger ever

This is the deal that could create the ultimate super villain: Monsanto, world leader in devastating local food systems and driving... more

A Canadian company is trying to mine toxic uranium 6 miles from the Grand Canyon

This year, unlike the past 20 years, visitors to the Grand Canyon will be within miles of operational radioactive uranium sites.

The cattle industry doesn’t want us thinking about the food we eat

For the first time, the USDA has asked Americans to think about the environmental impact of the food we eat. Unsurprisingly,... more

Help the Tsleil-Waututh Nation stop Kinder Morgan’s Trans Mountain Pipeline!

Pipeline giant Kinder Morgan wants to put North America’s coastline and communities at risk — all for more profit from yet... more

Sainsbury’s: taking food off the penguins’ table.

One of our largest supermarkets is selling Antarctic krill oil as a health supplement. Krill are vacuumed in vast quantities from... more

It’s time to stand up for Canadian farmers. Let’s save the Wheat Board.

The Harper government has given away the Canadian Wheat Board to an American and Saudi Arabian-owned corporation.

Canadians to Google: Harper’s Bill C-51 will threaten the openness and the security of the web

60 Canadian businesses sent Stephen Harper an open letter warning that Bill C-51 criminalizes free expression and will damage international trust... more

Lidl shrimp peelers are caught in a trap

A new report links Lidl to the poverty and debt trap experienced in Thailand’s shrimp processing industry. Lidl’s Code of Conduct... more

Shell: Don’t meddle with the UN climate talks in Paris this year!

In a surprising turn of events, Shell’s board of executives has officially endorsed a resolution committing the company to take action... more

This is the woman who scares Newmont Mining

This is a clear case of a multinational mining goliath picking on a heroine standing up for her rights. And this... more