This company is profiting off the blood of low income Canadians.

A private company wants to harvest blood plasma from people in Canada, selling it at a massive markup on the international... more

Stop Nestlé from sucking Ontario dry!

Nestlé is gunning for more of our water — 3.6 million litres a day to be exact  — from its Aberfoyle... more

The Sun: print a front page apology for inciting hate

Woah. The Sun has just published one of its vilest columns yet…

Krispy Kreme must cut ties with IOI

What’s better than fresh, warm Krispy Kreme donuts? Fresh, warm, deforestation-free Krispy Kreme donuts!

Sadly, 2 years after its... more

The exotic Blue Tang fish is under threat. Let’s make sure Petco stops selling them as pets.

Since the release of Disney’s popular sequel “Finding Dory,” demand for the exotic Blue Tang fish has surged. And their... more

We dealt Amazon a huge blow.

Recently, we turned up to Amazon’s annual shareholder meeting – and got a huge vote for our shareholder resolution demanding that... more

Don’t let Nestlé build a water-bottling plant in the middle of the desert

Nestlé wants to build a $35 million water-bottling facility in sunbaked Phoenix, Arizona in the middle of the Sonoran Desert.

Phoenix,... more

The hidden cost of PepsiCo’s palm oil

The hidden cost of PepsiCo’s cheap palm oil: the countless workers exploited at the hands of the industry. But we can... more

EU governments: Don’t let CETA bypass democracy.

CETA creates a new set of rules for corporations to bully Canada and the EU. The European Commission knows that it’s... more

Theresa May: stop covering up the abuse at Yarl’s Wood!

Our new Prime Minister — Theresa May — has officially taken office and everyone’s talking up her feminist credentials. But she’s... more

Juma is dead. Let’s ban the use of animals in all Olympic ceremonies, now.

Juma, a beautiful Amazonian jaguar, has been shot dead after being used as a “mascot” during an Olympic ceremony in Brazil.

George Osborne: don’t turn Britain into a tax haven!

George Osborne is using Brexit as an excuse to turn Britain into a tax haven. The chancellor has said he plans... more