Nevsun Resources: stop supporting slavery in Eritrea

A Canadian mining corporation is profiting from slave labor in Eritrea, according to a new UN report.

It’s time to stop this dangerous corporate power grab.

We don’t know much about the TPPA, just a few leaked documents. But what we do know is extremely concerning —... more

The UK government just okayed a plan to plant bee-killing seeds across the country.

Despite the fact that bee-killing pesticides are banned in the UK, the government just gave the go-ahead to farmers to plant... more

Tell Monsanto to stop charging Indian farmers outrageous royalties on seeds

Monsanto, the world’s most hated corporation, will stop at nothing to increase its profits, even if it means swindling struggling Indian... more

We’re one step closer to saving the bees!

We are making huge progress in our fight to protect the bees — Lowe’s and Home Depot have agreed to take... more

Starbucks, adopt a time-bound sustainable palm oil policy.

The world’s largest coffee chain is likely to be contributing to deforestation, extinction of endangered tigers and orangutans, and abuses of workers... more

Sainsbury’s: how does it feel? (watch video)

Whales. Penguins. Seals are some of the creatures that could be in serious danger if supermarket giant Sainsbury’s doesn’t stop take Antarctic... more

Tell Comcast: Don’t Leave Poor Customers in the Slow Lane

Comcast just announced that it’ll be tripling its internet speed for many of its customers for free. Great, right?

Well no,... more

Nissin & Maruchan, cut conflict palm oil from your supply chains.

America’s best-selling instant noodles brands contribute to rainforest destruction, death of endangered species, and abuses of workers and communities. While the industry’s... more

Nestlé is about to suck BC dry — for $2.25 per million litres to be exact

We are making waves with dozens of press mentions including the front page of The Province, one of BC’s biggest newspapers,... more

In Australia, they will send you to prison if you report child abuse.

The Australian Government has just sanctioned child abuse. Workers in offshore detention centres could face criminal prosecution if they blow the... more

I’m a football player taking a stance against Qatar Airways

The Barcelona Football Club is sponsored by a cruel employer: Qatar Airways. The women who work for Qatar Airways face an... more