Suspend the RBS fire sale.

The Royal Bank of Scotland, majority owned by the UK taxpayer, could be  flogged off at bargain basement prices. MPs are about... more

SOLD to Murdoch: Nat Geo

Rupert Murdoch, one of the world’s most notorious climate change deniers, whose Fox media empire spreads misinformation on a massive scale,... more

Standard Chartered could support conflict palm oil

Standard Chartered, a massive international bank, is about to bankroll a Malaysian palm oil producer responsible for horrific slave-labour conditions and... more

Breaking: the TPP deal was just finalised. Now we’ve got to stop it.

I’m sorry to tell you that in spite of millions of us coming together, our representatives have ignored our voices and... more

SumOfUs releases hundreds of troubling Canadian patronage appointments

Over 350 of Canada’s most influential government appointments were all given to Conservative Party donors.

SumOfUs 3 month report back (July – September)

It’s been a ground-breaking three months for SumOfUs. Powered by the efforts of our millions of members around the world, together... more

PepsiCo announces new palm oil policy (watch video)

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Hedge fund bro: we are still waiting for the drug price reversal 2 weeks later

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Could Malcolm Turnbull help stop Abbot Point?

Digging up the Great Barrier Reef seabed to build the world’s second largest coal port — that’s what our government is... more

KPMG has been caught red handed helping its wealthy clients dodge taxes

Join us in calling on KPMG to stop stalling and hand over the tax haven data to the Canada Revenue Agency... more

Monsanto’s Roundup is likely to cause cancer, so why is Amazon still selling it?

Join us in calling on Amazon to stop stocking Roundup & other toxic herbicides.

Trade Union Bill: Have your say

The government is pushing ahead with the biggest attack on our rights at work in 30 years. It’s asking for comments... more