Nestlé: compensate the victims of the Tampaco Foils fire!

Earlier this month at least 34 workers died in a fire that ripped through a factory in Bangladesh. The fire was... more

Southern rail is a disaster. Let’s bring it back into public hands.

This must be a joke: the UK government just handed out £20 million to shore up privately-run Southern rail. Enough is... more

A child in Bangladesh has been tortured to death at the textile factory he worked in

Textile factories in Bangladesh supply some of the world’s biggest clothing corporations with cheap clothing. But, because there’s little transparency in... more

Apple’s secret tax evasion just got exposed

After an exhaustive investigation, the European Commission found that Ireland’s tax arrangements with Apple are illegal. Tell Apple to pay up!

76 Samsung workers died because of a secret that would ruin its bottom line

Samsung hid this terrible fact about how it makes its phones and now workers are dead. Tell Samsung to compensate the victims... more

Canada’s health care system is under attack. But we can save it.

Dr. Brian Day, better known as “Dr. Profit,” launched a reckless challenge to the B.C. Supreme Court aimed at allowing for-profit,... more

Send Big Tobacco a message in Canada

Plain packaging works. That’s why we need to make it law in Canada. It’s time to make it happen!

Mylan just hiked the price on life-saving EpiPens

EpiPens have saved the lives of countless children all over the world. But the pharma corporation that owns it has deliberately... more

Demand Walmart donate its excess produce!

A scathing report just released shows that half of all the food produced in the U.S. goes to waste — and... more

INEOS: Don’t frack the UK

Petrochemical giant INEOS wants to flood the UK with fracking wells.

INEOS: Don’t frack Scotland

Petrochemical giant INEOS wants to flood Scotland with fracking wells.