This Canadian mining company wants to get out of paying over 2B in taxes

If uranium company Cameco gets away with it, countless other corporations will try the same thing. We need to make sure it... more

U.S. Forest Service: Stop letting Nestlé suck San Bernardino dry!

Nestlé is sucking San Bernardino National Forest dry on a permit that expired 28 years ago.

 But if we act... more

Google is backing Donald Trump

It’s now more likely than ever that Trump will secure the Republican nomination.

And what’s worse is that corporations like Google... more

BASF: seek justice for the widows of the Marikana massacre

34 striking miners were killed at Marikana in South Africa. But their employer, Lonmin, won’t pay compensation.

Now, the widows of... more

Tell this US mining company to drop its lawsuit against Colombia

The Colombian built a national park that would protect part of the Amazon from mining. And for this, Tobie Mining and Electricity... more

The European Parliament is about to give corporations a blanket right to secrecy

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This NZ council just sold the rights to 40 billion litres of Canterbury’s purest water—but it won’t say to whom

Update 11 April 2016: Not only will the corporation have the right to drain the local aquifer dry — the council... more

Victory! – #Unileversettles. But now, it must clean up its mercury mess.

8 months after launched the viral “Kodaikanal Won’t” music video and petition, Hindustan Unilever (HUL) has announced that they are... more

David Cameron: disclose your tax affairs now

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WestJet: Immediately step down and ensure charges of rape and sexual assault are investigated.”

A WestJet pilot sexually assaulted former flight attendant Mandalena Lewis while she was at work. When she spoke out, management didn’t... more

Coca-Cola is backing Donald Trump

Donald Trump is poised to become the next U.S. presidential candidate for the Republican Party and Coca-Cola is going to support him.

Stand with Amazon workers at its annual meeting.

Amazon’s annual shareholder meeting is coming up very soon — and the e-retail giant is trying to stop us from organising... more