This is sucked up – what CVS is doing to whales, penguins, and seals

Whales. Penguins. Seals are some of the creatures that could be in serious danger if pharmacy giant CVS doesn’t stop selling Antarctic... more

Rosa Moreno lost her hands making flat screens for LG electronics

These kinds of accidents are happening all the time at LG factories across the globe. Workers have been killed and injured... more

Time Warner Cable is using our cable dollars to undermine our democracy and our Internet .

Time Warner Cable is using our cable dollars to undermine our democracy and our Internet through a network of shadowy interest... more

Stop nuclear waste from getting dumped on the shores of Lake Huron

The Ontario government has asked for public comments on this ludicrous plan – now’s the time to stop it.

South Carolina’s Confederate Flag

Last week, in one of the most brutal displays of racism this country has seen in decades, a white man went... more

Breaking: Big Pharma driving the rise of killer “superbugs”

Pfizer and other pharma giants are driving the rise of antibiotic-resistant “superbugs” that could kill millions.


What’s this big investment bank doing to our reef?

Standard Chartered, a massive international bank headquartered in the UK, could help bankroll the destruction of our treasured Great Barrier Reef.

... more

George Osborne’s selling off our RBS

George Osborne is rushing through a fire sale of RBS at a massive £13.5bn loss to taxpayers — returning it on the... more

Tim Hortons just sold out to Enbridge.

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El Salvador could be forced to pay out a mining giant

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Amazon: pay your fair share of taxes and treat your workers better.

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Pizza Hut is contributing to the destruction of the Indonesian Rainforest

Bad news for pizza lovers — turns out Pizza Hut is still linked to rainforest destruction. Last month you helped convince Yum!... more