It’s time to stand up for Canadian farmers. Let’s save the Wheat Board.

The Harper government has given away the Canadian Wheat Board to an American and Saudi Arabian-owned corporation.

Canadians to Google: Harper’s Bill C-51 will threaten the openness and the security of the web

60 Canadian businesses sent Stephen Harper an open letter warning that Bill C-51 criminalizes free expression and will damage international trust... more

Lidl shrimp peelers are caught in a trap

A new report links Lidl to the poverty and debt trap experienced in Thailand’s shrimp processing industry. Lidl’s Code of Conduct... more

Shell: Don’t meddle with the UN climate talks in Paris this year!

In a surprising turn of events, Shell’s board of executives has officially endorsed a resolution committing the company to take action... more

This is the woman who scares Newmont Mining

This is a clear case of a multinational mining goliath picking on a heroine standing up for her rights. And this... more

Stop the sell-out of our NHS

It’s the largest sell-off in NHS history. David Cameron will hand over £780 million to 11 private health service firms, many... more

Protect the Grand Canyon from property developers

Property developers are trying to build a massive shopping mall right in the middle of the Grand Canyon.  This way they can... more

Stand with Turkish workers against their terrible BOSS

Garment workers at Hugo Boss’s factory in Izmir, Turkey face severe reprisals, punishment, and even dismissals for trying to join a... more

Monsanto’s Round-up is killing off the Monarch butterflies

Monsanto is wiping out monarch butterflies, and the US government won’t stop it.

This beautiful species, native to North America, has... more

Your Internet browser history may no longer be private if this goes ahead.

Your Internet Service Provider (ISP) could soon start handing out your personal information to corporations.

A draft anti-piracy scheme is proposing... more

Monsanto plans to introduce GMOs in India

India’s food crops are currently GMO-free — but that’s about to change very soon, if we don’t act now and stop... more

Channel 7 and 9 aired this disgusting anti-marriage equality ad during Mardi Gras

Channel 7 and 9 aired a maliciously timed, homophobic against same-sex marriage during Sydney’s Mardi Gras last week.

The ad is... more