Stop Nestlé from sucking Ontario dry!

Nestlé is gunning for more of our water — 3.6 million litres a day to be exact  — from its Aberfoyle plant near Guelph, Ontario. The Swiss-owned megacorporation is applying for a 10-year extension on its contract to suck the Grand River watershed dry. If it succeeds, it will pay just $3.71 per million litres. That’s less than $15 a… more

The Sun: print a front page apology for inciting hate

Woah. The Sun has just published one of its vilest columns yet…

Krispy Kreme must cut ties with IOI

What’s better than fresh, warm Krispy Kreme donuts? Fresh, warm, deforestation-free Krispy Kreme donuts!

Sadly, 2 years after its promise to go deforestation-free, the donut giant is still sourcing palm oil from the ravaged rainforests of Southeast Asia.  

The exotic Blue Tang fish is under threat. Let’s make sure Petco stops selling them as pets.

Since the release of Disney’s popular sequel “Finding Dory,” demand for the exotic Blue Tang fish has surged. And their local populations are under threat in the Indo-Pacific from illegal collection.

Blue Tangs are incredibly difficult to breed in captivity. That means the only way for breeders to meet the growing demand for them as pets is to… more