Shell wouldn’t have to cap an oil spill for 21 days? Outrageous.

The Canadian government just gave Shell permission to drill for oil off Nova Scotia’s cost — and the company doesn’t... more

Unilever – stop supporting the climate destroying trade deal between the US and EU

Consumer goods giant Unilever is going all out to fight climate change, but behind the scenes it lets its lobby group... more

John Key thinks we are all “misinformed” about TPPA.

Tell John Key to debate a TPPA expert on television, if he’s so sure we’re “misinformed.”

The nightmare at Mt Eden is finally over, but it can’t stop there

Private prison contractor Serco has abused so many inmates at its Mt. Eden facility in New Zealand that the government has... more

How much do you love Starbucks? (watch video)

We’ve got some bad news for you — your Starbucks coffee break is likely to be contributing to deforestation, extinction of endangered tigers and... more

Save the CBC, scrap the TPP.

Leaked documents show that CBC, Canada Post and other Crown corporations could be forced into operating solely for profit if the TPP... more

Unilever – 14 yrs on and it’s time to clean up your mess

For 14 years, Unilever — the maker of lots of well-known brands like Dove soap, Magnum ice cream, and Lipton tea... more

Nevsun Resources: stop supporting slavery in Eritrea

A Canadian mining corporation is profiting from slave labor in Eritrea, according to a new UN report.

Airlines: stop allowing the transportation of dead endangered species

British Airways, Air France, KLM, Singapore Airways, Lufthansa, Air Emirates, Iberia Airlines, IAG Cargo and Qantas have all confirmed they ban... more

It’s time to stop this dangerous corporate power grab.

We don’t know much about the TPPA, just a few leaked documents. But what we do know is extremely concerning —... more

The UK government just okayed a plan to plant bee-killing seeds across the country.

Despite the fact that bee-killing pesticides are banned in the UK, the government just gave the go-ahead to farmers to plant... more

Tell Monsanto to stop charging Indian farmers outrageous royalties on seeds

Monsanto, the world’s most hated corporation, will stop at nothing to increase its profits, even if it means swindling struggling Indian... more